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Miss Ora's


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Miss Ora’s Pan Fried Chicken

Snack Box $7.00

served w/ Sweet Potato Biscuit

The Lunch Box $13.00
3pc. 1 side 1 Sweet Potato Biscuit



10 piece (chicken only) $25.00

10 piece w/ 1 side and 4 Sweet Potato Biscuits $32.00

Buttermilk Deep Fried Wings and Fingers


$8.50 (6pc.)

$16.00 (12pc.)

Chicken Tenders w/Fries $10.00 (order of 3)

Served w/ Sauce: BBQ, Mambo or Honey Mustard


Miss O's Fish $12.00

 w/slaw and fries


The Sides

sm. $5.00       lg. $8.00
‘Tater Salad, Pinto Beans, Slaw, Spicy Greens, French Fries, Potato Tots

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